We all know that the pandemic has changed many things, and one of them is the frequency of driving our cars. Despite the fact that the situation now is better, many drivers still have their cars locked in the garage. If you are one of them, you should know that leaving your car like that for long periods is not recommended and could damage your battery.

Below, we are showing you some of the best reasons to take your car for a weekly ride in the open.

Running Your Car For 20 Minutes Will Keep The Battery Charged Up

First in our list of reasons why you need to get your car out of the garage is your battery. Believe it or not, driving for at least 15 to 20 minutes is enough for the battery to get charged up. That way, it is ready for use if you ever need your car.

It Keeps The Moving Parts Lubricated

Next up is probably one of the most obvious facts linked to driving your car. Simply put, driving your car will make sure that all of your moving parts are in good shape and properly lubricated. We are not only talking about the stuff under your hood – but also things like your shifter linkage, parking brake cable, shocks, and struts.

You Will Avoid Creating Flat Spots On Your Tires

Moving the car occasionally will ensure that there are no flat spots on your tires. This is another common thing with people who leave their cars like that for months. The truth is, that moving your car at least 20 centimeters forward or backward will address this issue. However, taking a ride once a week will do the trick.

Your Engine Will Be Rodent-free

Invaders like rodents can easily find their way inside your hood, especially if your car is not driven regularly or just sits in the garage. So, when taking the car out, you will likely disturb them and leave them somewhere down the road. Not doing this, on the other hand, may result in some damage under your hood – rodents especially love to feast on hood covers and air filter decor. Rodent damage can be significant and expensive.

It’s Good For Your Engine

Lastly, taking your car out in the open, and especially on the highway, is good for your engine. It will ensure that your filters are clean and get the engine up and running. On another note, an activity like this is good for you, too – it will change the scenery a bit for you and remind you that your car is always there for you.

Time to grab the keys and take your car out in the open!

If you suspect any issues with it or want to schedule your service, our team at StarAuto is always here for you!