Car transmission problems can happen at any time and for a variety of known and unknown reasons. However, not many drivers in Dubai know if they need a gearbox rebuild, a car gearbox repair, or a complete replacement of their transmission.

Let’s look at all of these scenarios and help you understand the main differences between them.

When to consider a gear transmission repair?

As a driver, you should know that your transmission system consists of so many parts, and each one plays a vital role in its operation. Also, each component of a car’s transmission can wear or take damage independently, which is why a transmission repair will replace only the parts needed to get the car back up and running.

Often, the best choice for a gear transmission repair is when the problem is a surface-level issue. If your gearbox has to be disassembled, the process can take more time and cost more money as well.

When to consider a gearbox rebuild?

A gearbox rebuild involves technicians taking apart the entire transmission, which is a complex process during which the specialist can inspect each part and look for damage, wear, and other issues. As the transmission specialist detects these issues, they will replace or repair the problem areas and clean the assembly.

The technician will carefully rebuild the transmission and reinstall it in the vehicle, which is a labour-intensive process that requires extreme attention to detail. For the best results, you need an automatic gearbox specialist with vast experience and someone you can trust.

When to consider a gearbox replacement?

Finally, replacing the transmission altogether can also be a great option. If you need gear transmission repair and there are more problems than one, you can consider a remanufactured or refurbished transmission as a replacement. Also, you can consider transmission for your make and model from a salvaged car or another place.

In the end, if your repair estimate costs more than a gearbox rebuild, then the rebuild is the ideal service to consider. If the cost of a replacement transmission costs less than repair or rebuild, replacing your transmission is another alternative. What’s more important, you should only use the services of transmission professionals with plenty of knowledge and attention to detail.

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