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Experienced Independent Auto Servicing & Maintenance Care Specialist

Our Car Service room is more like a doctors surgery than an everyday normal workshop. We have invested heavily in the best servicing equipment, personnel & specialist diagnostic software available today. Here at Star Auto we believe that no matter what your Auto requires service, or a full engine rebuild, attention to detail is applied at all times. As an independent Auto Service Specialist we only use Genuine Car service parts & Lubricants

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  • → 30K, 40k, 50k
  • → 60k, 70k, 80k
  • → 90k, 100k, 110k
  • → 120k, 130k, 140k
  • → 150k, 160k, 170k
  • → 180k,190k, 200k & Above

And More


  • → 10K, 20k, 30k
  • → 40k, 60k, 80k
  • → 90k, 100k, 110k
  • → 120k, 130k, 140k
  • → 150k, 160k, 170k
  • → 180k,190k, 200k & Above

And More


  • → 30K, 40k, 50k
  • → 60k, 70k, 80k
  • → 90k, 100k, 110k
  • → 120k, 130k, 140k
  • → 150k, 160k, 170k
  • → 180k,190k, 200k & Above

And More

Minor Service

At Star Auto, the leader in the field of automotive servicing, we do not deviate from this. In fact, our Minor Service package includes more than what has been mentioned. All our services include labour and any consumables used. During the 10 000 km service, our well-trained mechanics will inspect the following on your vehicle:

  • Brake & warning lights
  • Front & rear brakes
  • Horn inspection
  • Wiper blades operation & condition
  • Lighting system
  • Engine oil & leaks
  • Manual transmission oil leaks
  • Prop shaft joints
  • Rear differential oil leaks
  • Tyre condition check
  • Tyre pressure check
  • Washer bottles
  • Air filter

Intermediate Service

During the Intermediate Service, conducted after 20 000 km service, our well-trained mechanics will see to it that the following aspects on your vehicle receives attention:

  • Brake & warning lights
  • Lighting system
  • Horn inspection
  • Wiper blades operation & condition
  • Window washer fluid level
  • Brake & clutch pedal (squeaks & adjustments)
  • Brake & handbrake inspection
  • Radiator maintenance
  • Lubricate latches & hinges
  • Battery & terminal
  • Hydraulic fluid levels
  • Cooling systems levels & leaks
  • Fan belt inspection
  • Replacement off al filters
  • Accelerator pedal check for throttle opening
  • Cambelt inspection
  • Service off all grease nipples (Prop shaft, suspension etc.)
  • Sump plug wiped & tightened
  • Oil leak check on sump plug & filters during vehicle start
  • Tyre condition & pressure
  • Oil level
  • Water level
  • Oil & service decals on
  • Road test
  • Aircon check
  • Gearbox leaver check
  • Diff level check
  • Side shaft oil leak check
  • Service book stamp

Major Service

During a Major Service, conducted after 40 000 km, our well-trained mechanics will inspect and attend to the following on your vehicle:

  • Dyno diagnostic test (before & after service)
  • Brake & warning lights inspection
  • Lighting systems
  • Horn inspection
  • Wiper operation & blade condition
  • Clutch & brake pedal checked for squeaks
  • Glow plugs removal test
  • Glow plug operation test
  • Radiator maintenance
  • Lubricate all latches & hinges
  • Window washer fluid
  • Battery & terminals
  • Hydraulic fluid levels
  • Power steering fluid (replaced every 80 000 km)
  • Brake fluid replacement
  • Auto transmission fluid replacement (where applicable)
  • Transfer case & differential fluids replaced (where applicable)
  • Wheel bearing grease check (replaced every 80 000 km)

Engine oil replacement

Oil filter replacement

Cooling systems levels & leaks check (fluid replaced every 80 000 km)

General Inspection & replacement of all filters

Accelerator pedal inspection for full throttle opening

Cam belt inspection

Tappet clearance reset

Check top dead centre (TDC) mark

Check pulley for play

Brakes & handbrake operation

Universal joints inspection

Tie-rods, links & steering box inspection

Grease nipples serviced (prop shaft, suspension etc.)

Inspect cable routing

Sump plug (tightened & wiped)

Inspect exhaust for leaks, routing & rattles

Gearbox levels checked & inspected for leaks

Inspect shocks for leaks & tighten – REPORT

Check diff oil level & for water contamination & leaks on side shafts

Lubricate all underbody moving points (Chassis points were applicable)

Wheel caps & nuts on

Check all tyre pressure (spare wheel included)

Torque wheel nuts

Check if spare wheel is tightened

Check new oil and water levels

Clean water trap

Check air on

Old parts in vehicle

Oil & service decals in

Service book stamped

Inspect vehicle for oil marks

Road test (rattles, wind noise, steering, straight, braking stability & noises)




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