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Steering & Suspension

Your car’s steering and suspension systems are designed to keep you safe on the road, providing proper stability and handling. These complex systems include components that require regular service and repair in order to work properly. If your vehicle bounces when you roll over bumps, does not steer properly or has similar issues, it may be time for steering and suspension service and repair.

A regular suspension and steering service ensures the comfort and safety of your passengers. If you are looking for a reliable steering and suspension garage in Dubai, welcome to Star Auto! We are here to examine and inspect any potential steering and suspension issues, see if any replacements are required, and do everything to protect the longevity of your car and its components.

Suspension And Steering Repair Services In Dubai

Your car’s suspension is built to isolate you from any bumps on the road, providing good handling, cornering, and isolation. All of these principles ensure that your car maintains good contact with the road at all times, handles and turns well, and operates as expected for a comfortable ride.

Your steering system passes the effort that you make on the steering wheel to the wheels through a series of pivot joints, allowing them to move up and down without hindering your steering angle. However, steering issues are common and often require a full check on the system for appropriate repair.

There are many causes that could lead to problems in your suspension and steering systems. Some of the most common ones include low power steering fluid levels, leaking power steering rack, worn control arm bushings, damaged shocks and struts, bad or loose steering pump, etc.

How To Know If You Need Steering And Suspension Repair

Some of the common signs for steering or suspension repair include:

  • Vehicle pulling to one side of the road
  • Difficulty steering, especially when going at lower speeds
  • A rougher ride that doesn’t feel comfortable
  • Stiff steering wheel
  • Shakiness in the wheels and vibrations

If you hit a pothole recently and your vehicle is not the same afterward, you should know that potholes are common sources of damage to steering and suspension components. Let our team of experienced mechanics at Star Auto repair your issues and fix the root cause of any problem as quickly as possible.

Your Go-To Car Service Center In Dubai

Our mechanics are here to provide a full suspension and steering repair service, whether you need replacements of your shocks and struts, replacement of your inner and outer tie rods, an inspection of your suspension, and so on.

We have decades of combined experience in helping Dubai drivers get back safely on the road. We will give you prompt and courteous attention, honest advice, and a non-obligatory quote on any potential steering and suspension repairs. For more information and a chance to book your auto service appointment, contact us today.



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