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If You suspect that tou car engine is not performing the way it should,there is a big chance you wont know about the root cause of the problem.A simple “check engine” light  may hold a lot of secrets_ and seeing it flash on your dashboard means that it’s time to take your car to licensed car engine repair and service center. Star Auto is dubai’s trusted automotive service center you can rely on our team of experts when its come to car engine repair and services. We serve Customers with the highest standards of professional excellence and are well-known in the UAE’s auto repair community. If your engine is in trouble, we are here to give you the best engine repair and auto services that help you avoid costly repairs down the road.


A “CHECK ENGINE” Light could indicates a lot of things, From a loosened gas cap to something more serious like a blown head gasket, ignoring this signal may cost you a lot in the future, Our mechanics are here to help you detect and repair your engine failure, which could be related to any of the following: Faulty sensing units or sparks plug  we use advanced equipment and the latest  Technology to perform engine daignostics and Repair, Once we daignos the problem, we will evaluate the types of repairs needed, and discuss the information with you, telling you the total cost of your car engine repair or service. If you are seeing an issue with your engine, you should not panic  – instead, just bring your vehicle to our engine repair service center  station for a quick daignosis of the problem. We are your go-to engine repair center in dubai, Our mechanics use state-of-art equipment  to daignosis issues and have extensive Experience with engine rebuilds and replacement.


Every car experts knows that preventative maintenance is critical to less or no issues with your car in the future just like others auto parts, car engine are not built to last forever, However you can perform regular preventative maintenance to increase your engine’s lifespan. The easiest way to do this is by providing regular engine maintenance. Star Auto is here for all of your engine -related needs whether you need engine service, engine repair, engine replacement, or repairs on your timing belt, transmission system, and so on you can trust our experts and be 100% sure that we will repair your vehicle and make sure it’s safe and reliable when it leaves our shop


Dubai drivers know that Star Auto is their #1 choice when it comes to automobile engine repair. Our mechanics are Experienced and can fix even the most complex engine issues. We take great pride when new customers trust us enough to become customer for life and are committed to providing every car owner with top-notch engine repair and customer service. we look forward to giving your car the most professional engine services it needs, so you can get back safely on the road . For more Information and full Daignostics of the engine problems you facing,
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